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In Middlesex County Court November 1825 In Chancery William Woodford, David Woodford, Corbin Lane an infant by William Woodford his next friend and Daphney West Complainants against John Chen adm. With the Will annexed of Major James Ross decd Deft

This cause came on by Consent of parties to be heard this day upon the bill, answer & exhibits & was argued by counsel on consideration Whereof. It is decreed & ordered that Robert Blakey, George Healy, Henry Muse, Richard A. Christian and Manus Rowan or any three of them who are hereby appointed Commissioners for the purpose do lay off & assign to the Complainant Daphney West forty acres of land on that part of Cedar Parke estate in the bill mentioned commonly called Dudleys, so as to include the spring, & that they divide the residue of the said estate equally amongst the other Complainants, allotting to the Complainant William Woodford that part next to Steptoes line & Woodland sufficient therefor on the opposite side of the road and including the dwelling house and one half of the orchard on the back of the garden and to David Woodford that part on which the black Smiths shop stands with the other half of the rrchard back of the garden agreeably to the Will of the said testator. And It is further decreed and ordered that the said Commissioners employ some sworn surveyor to survey the said land, & allott to the Complainant by certain Metrs and bounds their respective shares thereof & make report to the Court in order to a final decree

  A Copy Teste Geo: Healy CMC