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Know all Men by these presents that I John Foort of Halifax County and State of No Carolina in Consideration of the Sum of One Hundred pounds Currency to Me in hand paid by Ricks Foort of Halifax County and State Aforesaid at and before the Sealing and delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof I do hereby Acknowledge have bargained Sold Release Grant and Confirmed and by these presents do bargain Sell Release Grant and Confirm unto the said Ricks Foort one Negro by the name of Sesar to have and to hold all and Singular the Said Negro Sesar, have by these presents bargained Sold & Released Granted and Confirmed Unto the proper use and behoof of the Said Ricks Foort his Exrs Admrs and Assigns forever and I the Said John Foort for Myself My Exrs Admrs and Assigns all and Singular the said Negro Sesar unto the said Ricks Foort his Exrs Admrs & Assigns against me the said John Foort My Exrs Admrs or Assigns and against all every other person & persons Whatsoever Shall & will warrant And forever Defend by these presents in Witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and affixed My Seal this 18th day of November 1806

                                  John Fort [sealed]

Witness W W Carter Elias Foort Senr