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On or before the 25th day of December 1851 we promise and oblige our selves, our heirs &c to pay Elizabeth Aldstaat or order the sum of forty dollars if being for-the-hire of her servant girl Ann [?] for one year ending as above written. We further bond our selves our heirs & to return said slave by Elizabeth Aldstaat at the expiration of said year, and to furnish the following named clothing [?] during the year, to wit two [illegible] suits of Good, strong, Summer clothing of cotton or calico, [illegible] of Good strong [illegible] cotton two pairs of goods homade shoes. One pair [illegible] - High guaranteed for winter, two pair good homade stockings One suit Good homade [illegible] one petticoat one blanket two aprons also to have two pair shoes half [illegible]. Also to furnish said slave with comfortable bedding during the year, ending as above and to pay all taxes confired [?] on said slave if any during the year, ending as above written, as [illegible] our hands and seals this 12th day January 1851.

N. Marmion