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Know all men by these presents that I Farish Coleman of Caroline County, for and in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred and forty five pounds current money of Virginia in hand paid by William Chandler of the County aforesaid the Reciept where of is hereby acknowledged, have Granted bargained, Sold and Delivered, and by these presents doth hereby Grant Bargain, Sell and Deliver unto the said William Chandler and and to his heirs and assigns forever, four negroes Named Rachel, Davy, Tanny, and Tom and do hereby forever warrant and Defend the right and title of the Said negroes and their Increase to the said William Chandler and to his heirs or assigns from me my heirs, or any other person or persons Laying or Claiming any right or title whatsoever to the Same. as witness my hand and Seal this 23rd Day of August 1791

                                   Farish Coleman [Seal]


 Samuel Chiles
 William Hall

Whereas the above Said Farish Coleman did by a deed Convey the above Said negroes (amongst other things to us in Trust for Certain purposes therein expressed We do hereby relinquish unto the aforesaid William Chandler his heirs or assigns all our Right title and Interest to the Said negroes, which we Derived from the Said Deed - as witness our hands this Day of 25th Aug. 1791

                                                  J Chiles

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