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Pittsylvania County To wit Inquisition indented, taken in a certain wood near Eutase Hunt Esq in the County of Pittsylvania aforesaid the 6th day of December 1830 before me James M Williams Jr one of the Coroners of the Commonwealth for the county aforesaid upon the view of a parcel of bones comprising a Human Skeleton adjudged from the Best information Received from the Testimony of Three Witnesses to be a negro man slave of the name of Martin belonging to a certain Charles Waddle of the [illegible], and from the circumstances of his Elopement in the month of February last appearing at that time to be in a state of mental derangement. and upon the oathes of Doctor C. Williams, Joseph Mottly, Joseph Ferguson, William Lindsey, Timothy Stamps, Spians Walters, Thomas Wiles, Wm Shackleford, Jere Hudson, Wm Lyon, Wm P. Thomas & Joseph Smith good and lawfull men of the county aforesaid who being sworn, and charged to enquire on the part of the said Commonwealth when, how, and after what manner the said master came to his death, do say upon oaths that one negro man slave supposed to be the property of Charles Waddle as aforesaid not having God before his Eyes but being seduced and moved by the instigation of the Devil at a certain pine which had fallen down and leaving a Bough or fork of the same projected upwards in a certain wood near Eurtase Hunt Esq as aforesaid. the Bones lying and being under a certain grape vine with a Hole made with a knot to slip with at one end which appeared to have been fastened about his neck with his own hand (or some other person unknown to us) and the other end tyed and made fast to a certain pine knot or limb Of the Height of Ten feet from the ground himself then and there with the grape vine aforesaid, Voluntarly and feloniously and of his malice aforethought, hanged and Suffocated and so the jurors aforesaid upon their Oathes say that to the best of their judgement & opinion that the said Martin then and there in manner and form aforesaid as a felon of himself, feloniously, voluntarily and of his malice aforethought, himself Killed, strangled and murdered against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth[.] In witness whereof as will the Coroner or the jurors aforesaid have to this inquisition put their seals on the day and year aforesaid and at the place aforesaid. James M Williams jr Coroner. C Williams Jr Fm [Foreman] Joseph Motley Joseph Ferguson Wm Lindsey Timothy Stamps [Speirs?] Walters Thomas Wiles Wm Shackelford Jere Hudson Wm Lyon Will Thomas Joseph Smith