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Treasury Office of Virginia, Richmond, Aug 19th 1859 F. H. Hill Es"[illegible]". signature "[illegible]" signature. "[illegible]" signature Esq "[illegible]" signature "[illegible]". signature "[illegible]". signature Madison "[illegible]" signature Enclosed you will find "[illegible]" for $1.140.00/100 for "Voluntary Enslavement." "[illegible]" "[illegible]" and error of $20. in your Statemnet. You send Chk. "Banks" $602.56

                "      "[illegible]"  537.45

"Add""[illegible]" Com s'. off $ 60


The "[illegible]" dont receive the 1. cent says its not worth the trouble. I will give it to the poor on your afc. "[illegible]" signature "[illegible]" signature "[illegible]". signature S. "[illegible]" signature Act: Trasr