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In the name of God: Amen: I Isham Tatum Senr of the county of Madison and state of Virginia: being of sound mind disposing memory: but knowing the uncertainty of life, and being desirous of disposing of such worldly goods as it has please God to favour me with, do in manner and form as follows, make this my last will and testament. Item the 1st. I loan to my beloved wife Frances for and during her natural life or widowhood the following property: to wit. All of the land I own which his on the south side of Heartlys road it being the road leading from Col Henry Halls shop to Madison Court house. Negroes Barber Jeptha William Sandsons and Timothy. [illegible] beds, steads and furniture such as she may choose embracing furniture for the beds, both for [illegible] and [summer?] use all of my table and kitchen furniture. Six head of sheep, choice, two [ewes?] and calves, choice two horses choice road waggon and geer and sheet all of my stock of hogs, all of my plantation tools of every description, with the exception of my plantation waggon, one [illegible] with all the harnesses [illegible] and fixtures belonging thereto, all my chairs, one small [illegible] and looking glass, side saddle and bridle. Two corner cupboards or presses [illegible] cheats; wooden clock, one walnut folding table, choice two pine tables. Two pair trunks choice. one wash stand bowl and pitcher, one cotton which and one flax wheel choice, wheat [illegible] and grind stone one pair of [illegible] and all the andirons in the house. Also all my shovel and tongues, all my table cloths, one [illegible] cask and its [illegible] two meat [illegible] meat & flour [illegible] one order cask and large musket. Also any towels and window curtains