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negroes the properly authenticated papers to enable them peaceably to get to some free state. Item 5th. It is my will and that the negro man Barber herein loaned to my wife Frances be free upon her death or marriage and that my executors furnish him with such clothing and as much money & with the necessary papers as I have specified in the foregoing or 4th Item is to be given to French Edmund & Fendly and it is also my will and desire that the four boys I have herein before loaned to my wife Frances to wit: Jeptha William Vaidious and Timothy, shall be free, and I hereby liberate them upon the death or remarriage of my said wife Frances provided the youngest of them be then twenty one years of age. And to be furnished by my exor with such clothing papers and as much money such as I have herein before directed to be furnished any other negroes each and in the event of the youngest of the four be not twenty one years of age at the time of the death as [illegible] of of my said wife Frances then and in that event they are all to be hired out by my executors until the youngest shall be twenty one years of age then they are all to be liberated and set free, and furnished with clothing papers and money each, as above mentioned relative to French Edmond and Ferdly and the hires arising from the detention of said