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4 desire again to bee excused if they answer not to every particular article of the proposition made yesterday and will strive to answer to principall points, his Exeye desired our advice where itt will bee most convenient for him to make a fort, and though there are diverse places where there is good store of salmond near att hand yett the best place (all things considered in our opinions will bee) att a place ca[lled?] [paper missing] [K?]asonhage where there is a river that goos to the lake of Cadarachqui, doo give [paper missing-illegible] of wampum 5 soo must acknowledge that our young men are very mischev[paper missing- illegible] unruly and that his Exeye has done much for us in the bussinesse of Virginia [paper missing] my Lord Effingham by causing the axes to bee buried butt before wee could get [paper missing- illegible] from makeing of the peace, a party was gone that way and soo yearly since that time contrare to our knowledge have continooed so to doo soo that wee have now unani[mous?]ly concluded once more to Warner them, and if they still proceed to goo that way to the southward towards the English plantations they must answer for it particularly whoever doos the mischeefe wee will not take their parts anymore. Doo give 4 pts bevers 6 You acquainted us yesterday and often times before that you knew the French better then wee, soo beleeve you did, and wee have reason to know them alsoo, and as for your [illegible] of an open path for the Ottowanes, Tronondade, Sirthtago, Twich Twichs, and other farr nations of Indians to come here wee will open a path that they may come freely, and as soon as wee come home shall consult who ought to goo to them to acquaint them there with and send downs a messenger to give notice to your Exeye who that are pitched upon to performe the journey as agents for us doo give 4 ps of bever