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Shall be and are hereby Declared and from home forward Shall be taken and Deemed to be [illegible] [illegible] and [Capeable?] in Law to the [illegible] and prosecute all and every Such [illegible] or [illegible] [whatsoever? whatforever?] and to [use?] all other Lawful way of [illegible] [illegible] to and for the [recovery?] of all and every Such [Subscription?] or [Sub-...?] donation or donational and of every part and [parcell?] thereof as fully and [illegible] to all [whereof? wherefor?] and [illegible] as if the Said obligation had been [illegible] made payable to the Said [Frank?France? Frances?] [illegible] and the [vote?] of the [Craftors?] and Founders aforementioned or to your [May?] grant of [thomas?] the Longest [illegible] or Longest [illegible] of them or their [how?] or hows in and for the use in [hereof?] and therefore [afford?] and