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In persuance off an order of Court bearing dat[e] the Seavent Day of August 1700 to us ye Vestry of Martins hundred pish [parish] in wch. Amongst other things wee are to give an acount of ye bounds as about pish wh[ich] is as ffolloweth: viz. Begining at ye mouth of ye mouth of [Kithe?] Creeke and so by ye maine branch of ye sd Creeke untill it come at York Road neare John Eatons and ffrom thence alonge ye Cart Roade untill it comes beyonde ye ffrench ordinary near Tho: Geralds plantation and ffrom ye sd plantation to ye mouth of Wearums run and from thence down ye River to ye mouth of ye Creeke where it beegan Itt is allsoe ordered by ye afforesd order of court that we should return a list of every Individuall tithable in this psent yeare wch is already Returned under ye hand of Thomas Mountffoart and as ffor our List of tithabls in ye yeare 1699 wee weare in all 91 [who?] pay to publike and butt 90 to ye Parish by Reason Roger Kirbe being Clark Thereof and as for Gleabe or Glebe we have none nor other giffts to have pious use only one Silver boule for a Comunion cup being given to Church by one John [Banbury?] as allsoe a Silver bason given for ye use of the Pish to Cristen Children in & given by [Mr Thedorus?] Sumner [illegible] and wee are also ordered to give an acct [illegible] we weare P [Per] pole which was 74 and was payd ass ffolloweth

to mr [ffaarce?] minister - - 4000 to Roger Kirbie Clark - - 8[0]0 to Robert Pirkins for ye poor woman - - 600 to mr Wood for fayre [Clughs?] Boy - - 500 to Tho: Mountffoart b yor account - - 546 to Caske - - 390 [subtotal] 6836 236 [total] 6600

Cred[ito]r by Allaxander Lewillin - - 236 Due to ye pish from ye Church Wardens - - 60

Vera Copia by mee Roger Kirbie Pish Clark

At a Court held for James City County the 7th day of September 1700 The above written was according to order given into Court as the returne of the Vestry of Martins hundred parish Test. C=C=Thacker Cl Cur