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To his Excellency Coll:n [Edward] Nott her majestys Governour of ye Dominion of Virginia the petition of Sundry Inhabitants of Virginia & Maryland And Traiders In Behalf of ym [them] Selves & many more &ct. Most Humbly Sheweth, Tha Whereas There [are?] Laws In both Governments of Virginia & maryland, for paying an Impost of Two Shillings pr Hogdd [hogshead] of all Tobacco planted In and Exported Each Government, or Colloney And Whereas These Two Collonys being Contiguous and Neighbour Collonys and much Under ye Same Circumstances & a Joynt Trade has been Carryed on Since Theire Origianall Settlement & Ships Lying upon or near ye Divisionall Line, have Equally Traded With & Brought Tobaccoe from both Collonys Without paying Double Impost to both Governments for ye Same Tobaccoe [butt?] a Certificate from Officers of Either Government That it was once paid, was Allways Allowed of, untill of Late [by?] ye Avarice & Illegall, and Oppressive Practices, of Some officers on ye Eastern Shore of Virginia, who have Extorted Itt from Sundry Inhabitants and Traders from Maryland, haveing noe Regard to Certificate Produced, and Whereas This practice is without all Coller of Law and not Used In any place of Maryland and begins to Spread Over Virginia; from ye Example of Accomake [Accomack], & tho Sundry Complaints were Laide before Coll:n Francis Nicholson While Governour of Maryland and Virginia, yett Without any Redress; and all This to ye Unjust and Illegal oppression of your Excellencys Humble Petitioners & many more & Great Discouragement of Trade to These [parts?] so yt [that] our Tobaccoe is Lying Ready to perish for want of freight-- We Therefore your humble Petitioners, Earnestly pray yt noe such Illegall Practices may be Allowed of, for ye future, and Restitution may be made by ye said Officers, of all [Sums?] Unjustly & Illegally Exacted of Sundry persons on This Account & your petitioners as In duty bound Shall allways Pray --

Virginia ffrancis Makemie A. Hamilton John Parker John Wise Samuell [Browne?] Tho: Preeson Jno Wise Jur.

Maryland ffra: [Jenckins?] Matth: Scarbrough John ffranklyn Ephraim Heather Willm. Rownd Nath. Hopkins Adam [Spencer?] Wm Noble Jur. [S?] Hopkins Senr. 1705 [Alexr.?] Browne [Alexr:?] Carlyle Jno. Custis John M Williams Edward Martin James [Dalyzell?] James [Govan?] William Robeson Wm [fasitt?] Ralph Milbourne Wm Harrison Charles Crawford Sam Hopkins: Junr. [Thomas Ball?]