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Virginia Ss Alexander Spotswood Her Majesty's Lieutenant Governor Vice Admiral and Commander in Cheif of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia To Robert Hix, John Evans, David Crawley Richard Jones and Nathaniel Irby Whereas Her Most Sacred Majesty by her Order in Council bearing date at the Court at Windsor the 26th day of September 1709 hath been pleased to signify her Royal Will and pleasure that the Trade from this Colony with the Western Indians be carryed on without any Let, hindrance or Molestation whatsoever, and that no dutys be Levyed or demanded of any of her Majestys Subjects of this Colony for any Goods or Merchandizes which shall be carryed by them to the said Indians or back from thence by way of Trade. And Whereas You have represented to me that You are now bound out on a Trading Voyage to several Nations of Indians to the South West of this Colony, and desired my Passport for your better protection in your going and returning with your goods and Merchandizes. I do therefore hereby give and grant unto you full License and Liberty to trade and traffick with any Nations of Indians whatsoever Except the Tuscaruros [Tuscaroras], and such others as shall be actually in league with them. And I do by these psents Signafy to all her Majestys Subjects of the sevl Colonys & plantations through wch you may have occasion to pass that it is her Matys will & pleasure that they suffer and permitt You freely and quietly to pass and Repass with your goods and Merchandises without any Lett, hindrance or Molestation on pretence of any Dutys Or Impositions to be demanded for ye same or any other account whatsoever Provided always that You take a Certificate from the Naval Officer that the Goods You carry out of this Colony are such as have been Legally imported here. Given under my hand and the seal of this her Majestys Colony and Dominion at Wmsburgh the Eleventh day of July 1712.