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Instructions for Mr. James Thomas Surveyor

Having seen your Plot and Field Notes relating to your late Survey of the South Branch of Rappahanock River, We have considered your Report made us thereon, And are of Opinion/ That as the South Stream or Branch of the last Fork called & known by the name of Conaway River appeared to you to be Greater than the North branch which you went up and surveyed, after Mr [Greme/] had - [?] tp trace up [and?]} [Brande?] tho you often insisted on it / That it is absolutely necessary for the better Discovery of the Several Branches of Rappahanocks you should Survey and measure the [2d?] Conaway River and insert it in your Plot, we do therefore Order and Direct you to prepare your Self with all possible Dispatch in Order to go on your [2d] Survey the first good Season of Weather, And that your hire five or more [?] Carriers as the Service may require and at the customary Wages. We desire you to send Mr.Greme notice of these our Orders that in Case the Kings Commsission direrct Him, he may accordingly attend