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The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Barton of Cameron in that Part of Great Britain Call'd Siskland Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia To All to Whom this Present Writing shall come send Greeting Know Ye that for Good Causes for [illegible] Consideration of the Composition for my use Paid And for the Annual [illegible] hereafter Reserved. I have Given Granted and Confirmed And by these Presents for me my Heirs and [illegible] do Give Grants & Confirm unto James Bland [illegible] a certain Trail or Parcel of Wast land situate in the County of Prince William on the North Side of the main Run of Occoquan & founded as by a Survey thereof made by Mr. James Thomas Pursuant to a Warrant to him directed as followeth Begining as, A, a Beach on the Side of the said Run Mark'd W B F S. I B. Corner to William Bland Francis Stone & James Bland Sen. where also mark d two White Oaks ~