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Plot Scheme. Henri Chapelle Cemetery German Burial Parking Lot Main Road Outside Cemetery Office Road into Cemetery Chapel To Aubel N Trees T B J CC Z W S O H G K EE BB Y V R N F E D DD AA X U Q M C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 18 17 16 15 16 13 12 11 10 NN MM LL KK JJ II HH GG FF MMM VV UU TT SS RR QQ PP OO LLL KKK CCC BBB AAA ZZ YY XX WW JJJ III HHH GGG FFF EEE DDD TTT SSS RRR QQQ PPP OOO NNN ZZZ YYY XXX WWW VVV UUU F4 E4 D4 C4 B4 A4 K4 JA I-4 H-4 G4 M4 LA