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137 S. Sycaore [Sycamore] St., Petersburg, Va. Dec. 11th, 1915 My dear Miss Colton: I am rather puzzled as to how to reply to your letter of December 7th. I had understand that the Atlanta Resolution was passed practically at the request of the Richmond Branch, and I wrote you ulon [upon] this sup-position [supposition]. The Branch had expected to have a resolution on the subject presented by Miss Keller after consulta-tion [consultation] with you; but unfortunately Miss Keller left earlier than I had anticipated and letter that was sent her on the subject to the hotel where the convention was being held never reached her, but was returned to me unopened some months later. Of course I had written you before the convention, sending you, I think, a copy of an A.C.A resolution passed the year before, and you were kind enough to attend to the matter for us. This was duly reported to the Richmond Branch, and it was their expectation that the S.A.C.W. would at their request be willing to cooperate with the Woman's Committee of the Coordinate College League in the use of the resolution as seemed wise from the point of view of education and wise legislative policy. If this were a measure about which Pres. Alderman had expressed any doubt, I would feel that your position was unassailable; but since he has expressed himself so fully on the sub-ject [subject], especially in the letter contained in the yellow bulletin published by us in 1914, I do not feel that there is cause for the S.A.C.W. to hesitate to cooperate inthe [in the] matter to the extent that I have suggested in behalf of the Richmond Branch. After all, this is a movement of the women of Virginia to-ward [toward] a recognition that will have great power to influence southern education, and the movement is in the handsof [hands of] a person of rare judgment and tact; therefore I cannot feel that this bit of cooperation with Virginia college women would be either out of place or dangerous, even if Pres. Alderman should make no suggestion. Won't you think the matter over and let me know what you think? Sincerely yours,