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[imprinted letterhead] Law Office William A. Anderson Lexington, Virginia November 14th, 1917. Mrs. Anne Gilliam Davis, Chairman Rockbridge County Coordinate College League, Lexington, Virginia. Dear Mrs. Davis: - Replying as soon after my election to the General Assembly as I could give the matter my attention to your courteous letter of inquiry as to my attitude towards the proposed Womans Coordinate College, if the Bill to establish the same shall come up in the next Legislature, I beg leave to say that, while I am earnestly in favor of the Commonwealth's providing for the girls and young women of the State, just as soon as practicable opportunities for higher education as efficient and as helpful as those provided for the boys and young men of the Commonwealth, I am convinced that the establishment of a "Coordinate College" is neither the wisest nor the best mode by which to accomplish this result. Frankly, therefore, I am earnestly, though not bitterly opposed to any such measure, and my opposition is actuated as much by the desire to advance the higher education of women, as by the interest I feel in the promotion of the education of young men at the University of Virginia, of which I happen to be an alumnus. Most truly and respectfully yours, William A. Anderson