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Dear Miss McKinney,

[For this dispatch of Friday Jan 25. I see that Shackelford presents a Bill before Keyy Doull as forward, "T prordefore its admission of property prepared illalued women, who be may 18 yrs. old to the gradual ale and professional Coordinate of the University of Va." Is this the bill you now wish the League to advocate? I now personally been too persuative in the whole thone down because it has all been for the COord. Colelge. Perhaps if I had billed do us sudle till I [illegible] statetly what this League finally decides is will, as to this bill 110 Leagues is ready for graduate work at 17, our proposition at wokrk either Ereblem less than a recipe, for some reason this seems to me thereafter Erimuch tphones do higher. For to will departed the Youirs Despatch comes will irriquafartly. So I will be cchapeadant yours, E. V. gaines.]