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ROANOKE COUNTY EQUAL SUFFRAGE LEAGUE MRS. J. H. WHITNER, PRESIDENT MRS. S. G. ZOLLMAN, VICE-PRES. MRS. L. H. FAVILLE, VICE-PRES. MRS. G. E. MILES, SEC'Y & TREAS. MISS MAY MOTTLEY, COR. SEC'Y R.F.D.S. ROANOKE, VA letter of endorsement of our work from Mrs. Woodrow Wilson [illegible] Co. being one of the [illegible] we have [illegible] our work in the work is entirely new in [illegible] but similar to the [Allankland?] College Industries of N.C. & they have been very helpful in lending us drafts formulas for [illegible] you for the literature & [illegible] you may continue your [illegible] I am Most sincerely Maude J. Gill 1402 Patterson Ave [illegible] Roanoke