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Virginia Feferation of Women's Clubs Organized May 1907, President Miss Helen Norris Cummings 606 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va, First Vice President Mrs. John L Hagan 254 Jefferson Street, Danville, Va, Second Vice-President Miss Leta Serpell Norfolk, Va, Third Vice-President Mrs. Walter Ruan Bedford, Va, General Federation Secretary Mrs. Manley M. Caldwell Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va., Corresponding Secretary Mrs. George T. Klipstein 607 Prince Street, Alexandria, Va., Recording Secretary Mrs. F.C. Davis Lexington, Va;, Treasurer Mrs. Mark Reid Radford, Va., Auditor Mrs. Frank Thomas Israel Fairfax, Va., General Federation Magazine Correspondent Mrs. Richard B. Spindle Christianburg, Va., Parliamentarian Mrs. Eleanor S.W. Howard
Virginia Feferation of Women's Clubs Organized May 1907, President Miss Helen Norris Cu
Jan 1st, '16
Dear Miss McKenny-
I have received all of your letters and directions and have wanted to make some report on my work but until now have not found time to do so.  I wrote at once to one person in each county requesting them to act as chairmen and the following have accepted the work- Mrs. Merchant- Pittsylvania; Mrs. A.H.Vaughan Halifax; Mrs. Cabell Smith, Henry; Miss Anne Lee Clarke, Patrick- In Carroll, Mr. Bruce Jones could not accept because he was living outside the county but stated that he knew and would see the representatives and would do all in his power to help- He recommended as chairman Mrs. Zelma Kyle- Woodlawn, Va- to whoever I [iillegible} at once, but without receiving any reply I have not heard from Franklin Co. or Grayson but as Mr. Jones is teaching in Grayson I do not feel uneasy about it.  The Register is some what hampered by Mr. Jones uncertainty but published the Times Dispatch editorial and promises to do more.  Mrs. White has not done much yet but I hope now that the holidays are over will bet busy-

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