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Copy. December 12, 1910. Secretary Chas. G. Maphis, Education Commission of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Dear Sir: I take pleasure in submitting the following brief answers to the questions raised in the circular accompanying your letter of the 5th instant. Pressure of other duties prevents a more elaborated reply. 1. A public elementary school supported by public taxation, devoted to instruction in the elementary and fundamental subjects such as language, arithmetic, geography, science, and history, and open without tuition to children of the community between ages of five and twelve or fourteen. Its function should be to awaken, direct, and discipline the powers of the child, to give him vital connection and understanding of the chief facts and forces of his surroundings, and to fit him in some degree for some special form of useful activity. 2. A public high school is a tax-supported school freely open to children of the community who have completed the elementary school and who are presumably between the ages of twelve or fourteen and sixteen or eighteen. Its function should be to broaden and elevate the foundations laid by the elementary school, to cultivate the emotional and motor activities of the adolescent, to enrich the content of their thinking, and to give opportunity, by varied courses of the same general standard and disciplinary value, for each pupil to choose intelligently his further course (whether in industry, business, or profession) and