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2 2. to get some direct training for such course. 3. A normal school is an institution which bases its work upon a sufficient body of accumulated knowledge and training (presumably the equivalent of the high school course) to enable it to proceed at once and exclusively to such definite, direct, and positive instruction in the theory, practice, and history of education as its immediately allied subjects and materials, as will fit its students to be teachers of the elementary schools, or schools of a grade lower than the high school. 4. A technical school should be one which gives close and prolonged training directly for engineering or scientific professions, with elements of broad general training distinctly subordinated. 5. and 7. The special function of the Agricultural and Mechanical College is as a division of a State University devoted to thorough, practical instruction in agriculture and engineering and business subjects. The University, in addition to this instruction should, when fully developed, provide for the training of men for every profession for which the citizenship of the commonwealth shall make a reasonable and permanent demand, as well as for sound general training in science, mathematics, and the humanities. This would mean organization of the work of the institution for the professions of law, medicine, education (high school and college teachers), engineering, music, art, social service, governmental service, and research in its broadest and highest reaches, especially as related to the industries and interests of the State.