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2 14. For the college of William and Mary the total of salaries of professors giving collegiate instruction is divided by the number of collegiate students registered in 1910-11, 112, showing per capita cost of a little less than $240. The total of salaries in this case includes the salary of the president and librarian, and half the salary of the registrar, who is also assistant in politics and economics, and half one professor who gives instruction in both the college and the preparatory department. The emphasis in the college is necessarily upon the under-class work; the size of the upper classes is such that the numbers of students could be largely increased, without requiring additions to the instructing force; such graduate work as is attempted does not, it is claimed, involve additional expenditure for teachers; therefore the figure $240 may be considered high rather than low, even though $1800 for a full professor represents an adequate payment. The per capita cost for the Virginia Polytechnic institute obtained by dividing the total expenditures for salaries for the teaching force by the total number of students for 1910-1911, excluding apprentices, 431, but including the freshmen year, since it is impossible to divide the instructing force between class work for freshmen, and for the other three classes, is approximately $170.