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January 26th, 1916. Mrs. Robert Barton, Winchester, Va. My dear Mrs. Barton:- We were delighted to receive your telegram announcing your willingness to accept the Chairmanship for the 7th Congressional District . We are sending herewith the directions promised. This will prove far less formidable than seems at first sight. In fact, it is an advantage to you to have these instructions given you all at once, for when you secure your sub-chairmen you can give them all directions at one time. In this way the delay is somewhat of an advantage to you. The other chairmen have had their instructions peace-meal, thus requiring a great deal of correspondence. I would suggest that in working up the District you put your time and energy on the various counties except Albemarle. We have a number of very active supporters in Charlottesville and Albemarle Country who are doingaall possible there, and I am anxious to diminish your work as much as possible because it is rather late in the day. Under separate cover I am sending some literature that should be valuable to you. I dare say you will want to put copies of each folder sent into the hands of your sub-chairmen when they have been appointed. If you will report the names of your chairmen to us as soon as you find they are willing to serve, we will then communicate with them directly. Your petitions will go along with the literature. We will send you a check for $5.00 to cover necessary expenses in a few days. Sincerely yours, "[blank]" McK/W