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UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA March 3 1921 Dear Mrs. Munford - I am returning today the coordinate college material, which you very kindly sent me. Owing to the number of interlineations, amendments etc, I was afraid to use it as a basis of positive statements. All that I wanted was the substance of the Stroke bill of 1912, the Early-Risen bill of 1914, and the Stroke bill of 1918. Their substance can be given in too words. I have a big piles of notes descriptive of the main features of the coordinate college movement - the arguments pro and con, which include a synopsis of several statements by you, the protagonist on one of the sides. I intend to do full justice to your pluck and sagacity in that long fight. I know you are a very busy woman, but can you not aid with the extent of giving within the scope of 700 hours the principal provisions of those three bills considered separately? Yours sincerely, Philip Alexander Bruce