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[final reviewer - please check the handwritten note the bottom carefully]

R. W. Holsinger M. Kaufman J. P. Carroll President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President

Chamber of Commerce Charlottesville, Virginia

Frank M. Bunch Secretary V. G. Marshall Assistant Secretary

Commissioners R. W. Holsinger Jas. E. Irvine Frank M. Bunch Jno. L. Livers . Dr. W. B. Alwood M. Kaufman

Directors J. A. Gilmore Jas. E. Irvine C. M. Bolton Frank M. Bunch Jno. L. Livers A. V. Conway J. W. Lovegrove Hollis Rinehart B. F. Dickerson

Acres of Diamonds "In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia"

February 16, 1916.

Mrs. B. B. Munford, 503 E. Grace Street, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford:- In acknowledging receipt of your letter of February 14th I wish to state that another meeting of the Co-Ordinate College Committee was held this morning in view of the suggestions made by yourself and Prof. Maphis. The committee is particularly anxious to do everything it can to bring about the desired results and has requested me to inquire as to any definite action that you wish our committee or any individual members thereof to take. I am informed by Mr. Livers that he together with Prof. Maphis and Prof. Thornton are leaving on the noon train for Richmond. I understand that Mr. Gilmore will be in Richmond either today or tomorrow and that Dr. Battle who has been in Washington conferring with Congressman Slemp will also be in Richmond before returning to Charlottesville.

Communications have been addressed by different members of the committee and also other individuals to either the Senators or Representatives or to such personal who can bring the influence we are after. In this connection presure is being brought on representative Bowles from Goochland and Fluvanna Counties.

As I understand it now this bill will come up by special call Tuesday next. Yours sincerely,

Frank M. Bunch Secretary. FMB/VGM [HANDWRITTEN ADDENDUM] Later: Dr. Battle just came [out?]. His office having been called home from Washington on account of the serious illness of one of his church members. He wishes me to advise that he is subject to you[?] call - so if you wire tomorrow morning he will be in Richmond in the afternoon, leaving home at 12[00?] noon FMB MEMBER OF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS RIGGS BUILDING, WASHINGTON, D.C. HOME OF THE FAMOUS ALBEMARLE PIPPIN