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Jan. 3, 1914.

Miss Virginia S. McKenney, Petersburg, Va.

My dear Miss McKenney:

Your letter of recent date was received today, and I take pleasure in replying at once. Some time ago the circular letter sent out by you and Mrs. Munford was received, and soon after that I saw Mr. Spatig in regard to the proposed plan. I have also written to Mr. Blanks, but as yet I do not known how he stands. Mr. Spatig seemed to be of no decided views in regard to the matter, saying that as the opinion of the public was so generally divided and as the leading authorities seemed to be as much divided, that he had been unable to make up his mind. He and I talked about the plan at some length, and I tried to convince him of the advisability of having a coordinate college at the University of Virginia. I expect to have at least one other opportunity to talk with him before the Legislature convenes.

Hoping that your efforts for the higher education of women in Virginia will accomplish much, I am, with kindest regards, Yours very sincerely, R. Lee Chambliss

P.S. Cammie sends her regards. I forgot to state that I was talking with Tulane Atkinson only yesterday about the Woman's College. He favors a college for the women, but, like Dr. Dabney, he thinks that it should be elsewhere than at the University. R.L.C.