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503 E. Grace St., December 18th, 1915

T. C. Carrington, Editor, Staunton Daily News, Staunton, Va.

My dear Mr. Carrington:

Many thanks for your thoughtfulness and courtesy in sending me a copy of the News of December 18th, containing your able editorial on the Coordinate College. To show you how much your stand is appreciated, I will note that three or four copies of the editorial have reached us since then from several parts of the state with a word of satisfaction at our being able to count on your support.

As material comes to hand in connection with important phases of this matter, we will see that it reaches you. After Christmas we expect to put out a concise folder setting forth the relation of the college to our public school system, to our normal schools etc. We are also anxious to emphasize the fact that the college will be to the advantage to the rank and file of publis school teachers in that its establishment will enable them to get college credit for the work that they do at the University Summer School, for which they now have to spend their money and energy and get not credit toward a degree, although men in the same courses receive due credit. I think you will also be interested in developing the idea of the advantages of the Coordinate system for Virginia, rather than coeducation, giving as it does the academic advantages of the long-established man's university, and at the same time ensuring a certain amount of social privacy to the women--privacy for their recreations etc.

Again assuring you of our satisfaction over your support of the movement, I am, Sincerely yours,

Chairman Central Committee