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University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Office of the Bursar May 28, 1917. Miss Virginia S. McKenney, Petersburg, Va. Dear Miss McKenney: I have your favor of the 24th enclosing me a copy of the brochure issued by your committee, and for which accept my thanks. I find your reasons for the establishment of this college at the University extremely reasonable and sound. I trust that you will make a fight for the location of this college on the University's grounds, and that you may win out on that line, if it takes ten years more. As to the dates of completion of the Randall, Law and Education Buildings, beg to say that they were completed in 1899, 1910 and 1914, respectively. I shall write to Mrs. Dashiell for a copy of the brochure of the Antis. Yours very truly, E J Carruthers Bursar.