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COPY 503 E. Grace St., Richmond, Va., July 4, 1917. Mr. J. D. Wolcott, Librarian, Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C. My dear Mr. Wolcott: Yours of June 30th is before me with the request for a copy of a publication under the title "Some Objections to the Proposed Women's Co-ordinate College at the University of Virginia." I am not in a position to furnish you with a copy of this publication since it so happens I am, and have been since 1914, chairman of the Co-ordinate College League, having in charge the propaganda in Virginia for the establishment at our State's University at Charlottesville a Co-ordinate College for women. I am very gladly sending you a copy of the publications in regard to this matter that we have issued up to this time, and will furnish you with copies as they appear in publications with reference to this matter. Sincerely yours, "[blank]" Chairman.