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NOTARY IN OFFICE J. SYDNEY SMITH J. SYDNEY SMITH. JR. SMITH & SMITH ATTORNEYS AT LAW 303-4 NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING NORFOLK, VA. PHONE 7974 Aug. 9th, 1917 Mrs. Wm. H. Campbell 412 N. Meadow Street, Richmond, Va. Dear Madam:- Some time ago I had a circular sent to me with a reply card attached, having for its purpose the object of ascertaining whether or not the undersigned is interested in the establishment of a co-ordinate college for women at Charlottesville, affiliating with the University of Virginia. I had intended to sign and return the card at once, but overlooked doing so, and in place of returning the card I have thought it might be desirable to say a few words on the subject, as I feel that the case if a most worthy one and is entitled to support.