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NOTARY IN OFFICE J. SYDNEY SMITH J. SYDNEY SMITH. JR. SMITH & SMITH ATTORNEYS AT LAW 303-4 NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING NORFOLK, VA. PHONE 7974 Aug. 9th, 1917 Mrs. Wm. H. Campbell 412 N. Meadow Street, Richmond, Va. Dear Madam:- Some time ago I had a circular sent to me with a reply card attached, having for its purpose the object of ascertaining whether or not the undersigned is interested in the establishment of a co-ordinate college for women at Charlottesville, affiliating with the University of Virginia. I had intended to sign and return the card at once, but overlooked doing so, and in place of returning the card I have thought it might be desirable to say a few words on the subject, as I feel that the case if a most worthy one and is entitled to support. In the campaign to accomplish this end, the same difficulties will have to be met which have arisen heretofore. In Norfolk County the same representatives have been re-elected, Mr. Q. C. Davis voted for the cause and Mr. Channing M. Hall against it. I do not know whether Mr. Hall will change his position or not. In the City of Norfolk, two new men have been elected, Mr. E. G. Dodson and Mr. John W. Cherry, I do not know what their attitude is; but full information should be sent to them on the subject as they are doubtless of an open mind in the matter.