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Richmond, Va. March 28, 1919. Hon. P. P. Claxton, Washington, D. C. My dear Mr. Claxton: I understand that you are to speak in this City in April before the Association of Women's College and Secondary Schools. Most of the women connected with this organization are interested in our plans to gain admission at the University for women, and I am writing to ask if you will not take occasion to say something during your address helpful to this cause. Many of our people are not yet awake to what has been done in other parts of the country to give women the needed training and preparation to meet the demands made upon them by the war, and the even larger demands to be made in the period of reorganization. Sentiment in Virginia has developed considerably along the lines of straight co-education at the University. Personally, certainly for the present, I should think undergraduate could best be done there through a co-ordinate institution, opening fully the graduate and professional school on a co-educational basis. As United States Commissioner of Education, and especially as a southern man, you can do a great deal by saying the right word, as you so well know how to do, on this occasion. I am sorry to say that is it not going to be my privilege, to be in the city, since I am particularly interested in this gathering, but I am due in New York just at that time. You have been so helpful from the beginning of this fight, that we are counting on you to help push things along, and there is peculiar need just now for some vital and authoritative word on the subject. I will be glad to give you any other information you may desire, but I know that you are familiar with what we have tried to do in the past. With hearty good wishes for you, I am as always, Sincerely, BBM-EEM I do not mean I am opposed to co-education at the univ. in The undergraduate Dept. I merely think the other way [iillegible] as The best immediate plan-