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[handwritten at top] Dep't of Ancient Languages - University of South Carolina, Columbia S.C. Dear ____________: As a native of Virginia and a teacher by profession, I am justified in taking a deep interest in the proposal to admit women to some of the benefits of education in that State now en;joyed by men alone. I think I can take as fair a view of the question as most men, for I was educated at McCabe's School, an eminently masculine institution, and the University of Virginia, being taught in both exclusively with and by men and later studied three years in Germany at universities in which there were women in most classes. Furthermore I have some young women in my classes every year in the University of South Carolina. Ten years ago all my prejudices were against any college education at all for women. I think now the establishment of a college for women at the University would be the most important step in educational reform that could be taken in Virginia. All people now agree that the women of Virginia are entitled to a college or university maintained by the State. The question now is whether this should be a part of the University of Virginia, or a new and entirely separate institution. To meet the new question the ultra-conservatives have changed their ground, and instead of saying,