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women assert they are the same thing, but I can not see it so. Education in the same classes and as members of a common student body, is quite a different thing from education in a college with separate class rooms and separate campus, but co-ordinate and in organic connection with the other departments of the University, I heartily endorse the establishment of such a college as a part of the University. A separate institution would mean the most formidable rival of the University for legislative support and endowment. Higher education means ultimately graduate work - what possible hope of soon duplicating the equipment of the University for such work? And if it were possible, what useless waste. A co-ordinate college for women would be the greatest step yet taken in Virginia to carry out Jefferson's ideal of democratic education on an efficient, just and yet systematic plan. As for the contention that the co-ordinate college would have a bad influence on the morals of the other students, and would be dangerous to the young women themselves, I regard it as egregious nonsense. Young women visit the University by the score every year to enjoy the social life of the place. They are not corrupted by dancing, driving and walking with men; why should study under the same conditions as the men have the effect of undermining their morals? As for its hurting the men, that is a joke, and every alumnus must know it.