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[handwritten at top] Legislative Petitions, Com Chair, File [letterhead] Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs Organized May, 1907 General Federation Secretary: Mrs. E. A. Snead, Clifton Forge, Va. Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. F. R. Hurt, 404 14th Ave. S. W. Roanoke, Va. Recording Secretary: Mrs. John L. Hagan, Danville, Va. President: Mrs. M. M. Caldwell, Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. First Vice-President: Mrs. E. W. Howard, 317 N. Washington St., Alexandria, Va. Second Vice-President: Miss Izora De Wolf, Highland Springs, Va. Treasurer: Mrs. J. C. King, Marion, Va. Auditor: Mrs. M. Lee Watkins, Keysville, Va. Keystone Correspondent: Miss Mary Gooch Anderson, Clifton Forge, Va.

[handwritten] Jan. 3rd 1913

My dear Mrs. Munford: Your letter received - I am having the Secretary write the Presidents of the clubs asking for contributions to be sent in as soon as possible for the college fund. The C. B. [Civic Betterment] Club of Roanoke had so small a meeting in Dec. no action could be taken but they, the members, will make a donation at their next meeting, I am sure. I brought the matter before the local D.A.R.[Daughters of the American Revolution] at our annual meeting yesterday. Those present seemed to know very little about the matter, but were interested. I promised to send