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Am very sorry I won't be able to come to the com. meeting in Richmond, but it will not be possible with a lame foot and no cook. You are very hospitable & gracious to ask me to be your guest, it is an added inducement. But you have been imposed on already in the most merciless way. And believe me my very sincere appreciation of your indefatigable & unselfish efforts for us are a real pang of regret that I must take the determined stand I have against undertaking more than I can accomplish. Sincerely yours Willie W. Caldwell

P. S. The C.B. Club will send $10.00, I am sure after its next meeting. I am having the state Sec. [secretary] write all the clubs urging a subscription. Mrs. Jamison will serve on Mrs. Ellis' com. Also Mrs. Richardson Mrs. Watts, I think, and others. I trust the work will be effectually done & feel sure Mrs. Ellis will make a good chairman. Excuse a hastily written scrawl interruptions are so numerous that I find myself getting nervous