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[continuation of page 2 written across top of page] dollars promised by our Club Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs Organized May, 1907 General Federation Secretary: Mrs. E. A. Snead, Clifton Forge, Va. Corresponding Secretary: Mrs. F. R. Hurt, 404 14th Ave. S. W. Roanoke, Va. Recording Secretary: Mrs. John L. Hagan, Danville, Va. President: Mrs. M. M. Caldwell, Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. First Vice-President: Mrs. E. W. Harard, 317 N. Washington St., Alexanderia, Va. Second Vice-President: Miss Izora De Wolf, HIghland Springs, Va. Treasurer: Mrs. J. C. King, Marion, Va. Auditor: Mrs. M. Lee Watakins, Keysville, Va. Keystone Correspondent: Miss Mary Gooch Anderson, Clifton Forge, Va. Jan 15th 1913 My dear Mrs. Munford: Your letter received yesterday, your card today. The enclosed clipping will show you that Mrs. Ellis is hard at work. Yesterday she got also the endorsement of the Daughters of the Confederacy. Her Com. meets Friday at 3 P.M. and I meet with them. I think Elex. Club has forwarded that subscription but will drop a card enquiring. This Club, the R.C.B. meets Friday aft. and I hope money can be sent Sat. I have a letter from Danville Club's Pres. saying they are more in favor of Normal & Rural schools &c. &c.