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So I fear we can look for no help there. Much depends on the attitude of a Club's President Hope other clubs will be responding soon. I am prodding them. Mrs. Richardson's address is Mrs. E. L. 1301 Commerce St. S.W. She is a good worker & local chairman of School Com. You are right in saying that the State Fed. should feel it an honor rather than a burden to be in a large measure responsible for the Co-ordinate College movement. Nevertheless, we know that almost all of the credit belongs to the Central Com. and most of it to you, Miss Davis and a few others. I am rather ashamed of that somewhat initable letter I wrote you, but in truth so much work and responsibility is laid at my door "as Pres of the Va Fed" that now & then I rebel. Am truly sorry you have been sick - do wish I had more time, more strength & just a little money to give