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Virginia Height, Roanoke, Va., Febry 19th 1916 My dear Mrs. Munford: - After repeated trials I got into communication with Judge Moffett of Salem. He expresses himself as being in favor of our bill and says he is going to Richmond in a few days and will see Mess. Brown & Andrews and urge them to support the bill. I insisted that he write them meantime, he said he would try to do so. I shall write him a note this aft. repeating the request and telling him that bill is coming up next week. Also had a satisfactory talk over phone with Mr. Hoge, he says he saw several Republican members after getting my wire and talking with you and urged them to support the bill - thought it but just [illegible] also "good politics". I begged him to write at once to such Republican Members as he had not seen. Said he would. Will he?