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W.E. CARSON, PRES. AND GEN'L MGR. J. L. CARSON, VICE-PRES. AND TREAS. A. P. FERGUSON, SECRETARY RIVERTON LIME COMPANY, INC. "PERFECTION" HYDRATE RIVERTON, VIRGINIA June 5, 1917. Mrs. M.C.B. Munford, #503 East Grace St. Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford: I have yours of the 29th and want to congratulate you on the pamphlet you have gotten out. It is putting your facts in gatling gun order, and cannot but be effective. I will bring the matter to Mrs. Carson's attention as to the Chairmanship in Warren County, but hardly think she will undertake it from what she has already said. Personally, I am now tied up with certain important work relating to Defense matters, and until this is out of the way, do not see how I can do much along your line, although of course you know you have my full sympathy, and I will do what I can, but I think the present call is the all-important one. I also think you are right in not letting the matter slumber or rest. There is nothing that can defeat intelligent persistence. Yours sincerely Wm E Carson WEC/Mc.