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G. Walter Mapp Accomac, Va. J. Brooks Mapp Keller, Va.

Mapp & Mapp Attorneys at Law

January 14, 1916.

Mrs. B. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford: Mrs. Mapp has just told me the purport of her long distance talk which seems was not very satisfactory. I think you inferred from my letter that I was going to support your Co-Ordinate College Bill. Without having the letter before me I don't think I said as much. I did say that I expected it to pass this session and I indicated that I felt very much more kindly to the proposition. I hope that I shall, on account of you and for other reasons, find myself so that I can vote for it. This however, would be as far as I could go. I shall get to Richmond a little late and too weak as a result of my recent illness to do more than I shall find necessary with those matters which have already claimed my attention. It will, therefore, be out of the question for me to become one of the joint patrons of the bill. With high personal regard and best wishes for you, I am, Very sincerely yours, G. Walter Mapp.

GWM/B Dict. not read.