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Wash. D.C. [Feb?] 16th 1915 Dear Mrs. Munford - I am sorry not to be able to five you a more encouraging report. Dr. Cameron failed to answer my letter, which means, doubtless that he is unwilling to commit himself. Mr. [illegible] & I were the guests at the same house in Warsaw, Va, not long ago. I had just come back from Hawaii & explained that his absence had delayed a reply to my letter. He brought the matter up himself & said he would write me after [illegible] how his [illegible], Mr. [Advisor?], felt about it. But he has not yet written. I talked to Mr. [Lewis?] while in Warsaw but did not secure a promise of support. There are influential people in that section, such men as Mr. Carter [illegible], [illegible] place, & Mr. Lewis [illegible] were