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16. The Stat [page cut off] University Honors Memory Of Founders Institution One Hundred and Nine Years Old - Three Addresses Delivered. Denny and Raper Visiting Speakers Student Orator Marion Wright. Lieutenant Governor Pays Tribute to Former President Samuel Mitchell - Governor Suggests Andrew Moore for Presidency. One hundred and nine years ago the University of South Carolina was founded, and yesterday appropriate exercises were held to honor the memory of those who caused this great institution of learning the spring into existence. Beginning at noon with the annual meeting of the General Alumni association, the day was a

John Drayton Governor Who Sent to Legislature Message that resulted in Founding of University of South Carolina.

Fitting celebration in honor of the university's founders. The programme was notable. The University of South Carolina was founded in 1805. Gov. John Drayton sent to the legislature the message which had as its direct result the establishment of this seat of learning. First as South Carolina college, later as the university, again as South Carolina college and now as the University of South Carolina, these many years have been filled with noteworthy achievement, and the institution has sent into the world many men capable of doing a man's work. Charles A. Smith, lieutenant governor of South Carolina, presided at the afternoon meeting, which was held in the university chapel. In his introductory remarks he paid a high tribute to S.C. Mitchell, former president. Previous to this session, the academic procession formed in front of the university and wound in a stately manner around the horseshoe driveway. First came the first year men, and in order came the second year men, the third year men, the junior law men, the fourth year men, the senior law men, the faculty, trustees, State officials and prominent visitors. As the procession reached the chapel, the students formed a double line, and stood with heads uncovered, while the dignitaries marched between the ranks and led the way into the auditorium. It was an impressive ceremony.