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to do it in a more approved fashion. I may not be able to get the other notes you sent ready to send with this. If I don't I will send them shortly.

And now as to my joining you at Bryn Manr. Try as I may, I do not see how I can do it. Summer School cost considerably more than I planned for; and whereas I feel that I certainly got value received, that realization does not affect the present state of the exchequer. More than this, if I am to go to the U. D. C. Convention in Danville the last week in Sept. I cannot be away so soon beforehand. It looks as though Annie and Howard will be coming home about that time and after all that has happened on the sea lately and all that Mama want through when they were on the water before I cannot plan to be away from her if there is any way out of it. Then too I have been away so much this summer. Cant you arrange to come over to me for a few days when you get home? Of course I can come to you in Richmond, but it is very hard work there without being interrupted, isn't it?

Of course the Walton Moore rumor was retailed to me, and when I began to see that the whole fabrication seemed to rest on our trip to Fairfax, I though I must have been a very poor chaperone to have my charge thus used --- or was it that my chaperone was using her charms for my benefit? We both have fifteen minutes in the garden; you must have used yours to great advantage! But I was quite forgetting that you were there at least 24 hours after I left! I can't help remembering out conversation at breakfast the morning I left when the sisters vied with each other in wishing him a wife and we laughed and laughed a them. Well I reckon you can stand it, and he can too.

Best love to you. I am trying to get things in shape by doing a little each day, and Mama helps me on the lists. Cad and her husband and "Bongle Wongle Beau" expect to come on Labor Day for a couple of weeks, so I must get things moving in the next ten days, mustn't I? There's little doing with two men to keep in a good temper!



[Apparently the Tritone & not the Timi was Mrs. Meyer's slaufly, but tis gorce to ert the lad W. Cook in the times tae. I thought it fast bless my times in the tubern.?]