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and all things necessary and fit for an apprentice. And whereas the said County Court by the order aforesaid, did direct that the said John C. Hughes for the services of the said apprentices should pay to the said Peachy Mann Twenty five dollars apiece per annum until the last year of their respective apprenticeship and for the said last year pay to the said Thomas and Wilson Seventy five dollars each. The said John C Hughes doth hereby also covenant and agree and bind himself his heirs &c to pay the said sums of money to the said Peachy Mann and also to the said Thomas and Wilson Mann as they shall respectively become due and payable as specified and required by the said order of the said County Court of Fluvanna. In witness whereof, the parties above mentioned have to these presents interchangeably set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. Peachy Mann her mark (Seal) John C Hughes (Seal) In the presence of James M Estes Thos K. Weisiger } The foregoing is a True copy of the Original filed in the clerk's Office of Fluvanna County Court Teste R. A. Noel DC