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This Indenture witnesseth, that in obedience to an order of the Hustings Court of the Town of Petersburg bearing date February one thousand eight hundred & six, we the undersigned Gaurdians [Guardians] of the poor of the said Town, do put and bind Polley Flood, a free mulatto Girl, to Moses Jeffers and his wife, of the Town aforesaid, and after the manner of an apprentice to serve them from the day of the date hereof, until the first day of February one thousand eight hundred and nine, or until she arrives to the age of eighteen years. During all which time, she the said apprentice her said Master and Mistress shall faithfully serve their secrets keep, their lawful commands every where gladly obey. She shall do no damage to her said Master and Mistress, nor see it to be done by others, without giving notice thereof to her said Master and Mistress. She shall not waste nor lend her Masters or Mistresses goods, she shall not absent herself day or night from her said Master or Mistress service without their leave, nor haunt alehouses, taverns, or playhouses, but in all things behave herself as a faithful apprentice ought to do during the said term, and they the said Master & Mistress, shall procure and provide for her the said apprentice, sufficient meat, drink, apparel, washing and lodging, fitting for an apprentice during