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answered. Please do not think I am discouraged - far from it, but I do see a good many obstacles. I am going to try and surmount a good many of them. Can you send me a good sized package of the typewritten endorsements. I have no way of getting any - and also a package of the "Co-ordinate College League" slips - for I have only a few - and want to send them out. Please send by parcel post, we are three miles from Express Office at Fairfax Sta. Fairfax C. H. is on trolley line,

i am sorry that I am not in a position to afford to go to Richmond but we have recently had a heavy financial loss - and I can not afford it.

If you can give me any suggestions they will be very thankfully received, Prof. Stone spent a short time in my house the other evening - and we had quite a talk, Mr Walton Moore is an enthusiastic supporter of the bill and I look for much help from him - Mr. Oliver our Rep. is also a supporter of it, but Senator Thortton is not. I hope we shall have so full an endorsement