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Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs ORGANIZED MAY 1907 PRESIDENT MISS HELEN NORRIS CUMMINGS 606 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va. FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. JOHN L. HAGAN 254 Jefferson Street, Danville, Va. SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT MISS LETA SERPELL Norfolk, Va. THIRD VICE-PRESIDENT MRS. WALTER RUAN Bedford, Va. GENERAL FEDERATION SECRETARY MRS. MANLEY M. CALDWELL Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. CORRESPONDING SECRETARY MRS. GEORGE T. KLIPSTEIN 607 Prince Street, Alexandria, Va. RECORDING SECRETARY MRS. F. C. DAVIS Lexington, Va. TREASURER MRS. MARK REID Radford, Va. AUDITOR MRS. FRANK THOMAS ISRAEL Fairfax, Va. GENERAL FEDERATION MAGAZINE CORRESPONDENT MRS. RICHARD B. SPINDLE Christiansburg, Va. PARLIAMENTARIAN MRS. ELEANOR S. W. HOWARD I find a change of sentiment in regard to the college, and feel quite certain we will win the fight, will do all in my power to help it along. Sincerely Cora M. Israel (Mrs. Frank T.) Fairfax January the 27.